Agriculture and Food

Kirchner Food Fellowship
Kirchner Food Fellowship believes millennials are uniquely qualified to find, fund and assist promising conscious agricultural businesses and that a traditional merchant banking approach is well suited to diagnose problems and apply solutions, whether they be indigenous or imported. The program provides capital and unprecedented hands on training in deployment of capital for university students including assembly of investment teams, applying a problem-based learning and solutions model along with a unique process and domain approach. The goal is to shorten deployment time frames and increase the likelihood of investment success.

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WHYFARM – (We Help You-th FARM)
A Trinidad and Tobago based non-profit that has a vision to engage the next generation of farmers and agriculture entrepreneurs to develop bold, out-of-the-box innovations that help solve the greatest challenge facing our collective future—global food security . Creator of the world’s first “Superhereos” for food and nutrition security – AgriMAN and PhotoSynthesista.

WHYFARM is a global movement which includes established chapters in Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Zambia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya, Columbia and Cameroon.

Training and Education

Interaction Advisory Group
Interaction Advisory Group believes that true inclusion and acceptance for all individuals with special needs is integral for our future. IAG provides customized ‘special needs’ awareness training for first responders as well as other public service officials, educators and private sector workers.

IAG’s training program is an integrated mixture of real world scenarios and demonstrations that allows you to put your learning into the proper context of your day-to-day profession. They offer objective and creative information with an insightful presentation bolstered by an interactive delivery. IAG prides themselves on the ability to connect with law enforcement and public safety audiences in support of the special needs community.

Business Brain Model
A unique academic/industry collaboration devoted to integrating and promoting business and relevant principles from neuroscience and psychology including related cognitive sciences which is branded as the Business Brain Model℠. The Business Brain Model demonstrates powerful lessons can be learned at the intersection of theory, experience and practice.

While certain aspects of neuroscience, psychology and related cognitive sciences have been studied in the context of their effect on business interactions and decisions, there has not been a systematic attempt to fully integrate these principles and apply them to business practice from the perspective of business leaders. This is the objective of the digital library.