Interaction Advisory Group announces Mental Health training for First Responders and Educators

New curriculum developed to help improve awareness and interactions between professional and those experiencing mental health challenges

Birmingham, Alabama – April 19, 2022

Interaction Advisory Group, LLC (IAG) today announced they have developed and are now offering a new training course with curriculum aimed to improve interactions between professionals and individuals with diagnosed mental health conditions.

In conjunction, the firm also announced the addition of Ameet Bosmia, Ed.S. NCSP, who will be leading most of the mental health training for IAG. Ameet is a National Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) with Birmingham City Schools and is in the process of completing his Doctor of Education (Ed.D) degree in School Psychology at the Loyola University of Chicago. During his career, Ameet has served in the capacity of an administrator of special education services as well as a School Psychologist across the country in a variety of school settings, including alternative education. Ameet has an Education Specialist (Ed.S) degree in School Psychology from the University of Washington in Seattle.

“With the rise in diagnoses of mental health conditions, we wanted to help address the need for training on this topic.” IAG’s President, Dustin Chandler, said. “This new training will continue to leverage our proprietary approach, ensuring attendee retention of the information and with an overarching focus on safety for all those involved.”

The new training is aimed at law enforcement, other first responders, and educators. Helping those professionals who encounter individuals with mental health conditions, understand how to better communicate, and interact with them while aiming for a safer and better outcome is the mission of the new curriculum.

“School systems across the country are inundated with K-12 students grappling with mental health problems.” IAG’s Mental Health Trainer, Ameet Bosmia, said. “Not only has this surge made the return to the classroom more challenging to educators, but it’s also challenging an already strained law-enforcement and health-care system. We need to enable everyone to better understand, assist, and support individuals with mental health conditions to stem this growing epidemic.”

If you are interested in mental health training or IAG’s autism and developmental disability training, contact to learn more and to schedule a training.


Interaction Advisory Group (IAG) believes true inclusion and acceptance for all individuals with special needs is integral for our future. IAG aims to improve the interactions between those with special needs and society at large through customized special needs awareness and training. IAG training is specialized for first responders, public service officials and private sector workers including teachers, and hospitality professionals. IAG was co-founded by noted special needs advocate Dustin Chandler and Kirchner Group, a boutique firm that has been helping companies create value, while promoting values since 1985.

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