Kirchner Food Fellowship – 2017 Annual Review

We are pleased to share the 2017 year in review for our Kirchner Food Fellowship program. Read it here!

Highlights include:

  • Commencing its 6th year in 2018
  • Continuing to gain international recognition from leading organizations and publications
  • Establishment of a world renowned Board of Advisors including the President and CEO of the Noble Research Institute, former President of Mexico and former HUD secretary under President Obama
  • International expansion to Mexico in collaboration with Centro Fox, former Mexican President Vicente Fox’s foundation
  • Portfolio growth continues with impressive companies, attracting world class co-investors, including Kuli Kuli who recently raised a $4.25 Series A led by the venture arm of Kellogg
  • All underscored by the Kirchner Group’s platform and experience in the Agriculture and Food sector

Read it here!